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Welcome to Angelica’s Kitchen

The social and professional engagements have had a negative impact on people’s dietary lifestyle. This has translated to a situation where one grabs the most available food and eats it in a hurry. Unfortunately, the most available food is usually junk food. This is because it can be cooked fast and it can be packaged easily as take away food. Despite the short term solutions provided by such foods, they have a detrimental effect on one’s health. Eating conscious is a matter of paramount importance. There are not many restaurants that take sufficient time to think about the impact of their foods on the clients. The restaurant recognizes that some dietary habits such as eating fast can lead to health challenges such as indigestion. The restaurant provides an ample and conducive atmosphere where clients can take sufficient time in order to take their meals.

Organic Plant Based Cuisine

There are several benefits of eating at Angelicas Kitchen. First and foremost, we are endowed with a competent team of professionals who are well versed with the various types of cuisines that we serve. The staff have gained a good working experience having worked in other places as well. In this regard, they are well informed about the various dynamics shaping the hospitality industry. Moreover, they are keen to attend to the specific needs of the clients.

Second, we lay a great emphasis in providing a variety of cuisines. We understand that eating the same type of food can be monotonous. In this light, we provide a fresh insight in the menu we serve. We highly encourage our clients to try new offers that are available.

Third, the restaurant has a commitment in providing organic food.We want to be part of the global effort in protecting the environment. We hold that there is no better way of doing this than promoting the consumption of green and healthy food. Such food is served fresh and delicious. By extension, the restaurant supports responsible business practices and sustainable agriculture. In addition to that, we use the renewable sources of energy. Our clients have left positive reviews concerning our use of organic food and have not shied away from coming back to us.

Lastly, the restaurant lays a strong emphasis in corporate responsibility. This is in line with the spirit of making the world a better place. In this light, the restaurant has assisted many local business which are small and independently owned. In addition to that, it supports international organizations which are non-partisan. These include the following:

  • The National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Farm Aid
  • Slow Food USA
  • Global Exchange
  • Northeast Organic Farming Association

The Menu Our menu includes the following cuisine:

  • pantry plates
  • salads
  • sandwiches
  • soups
  • entreees
  • beverages

The Time to Garnish

Since we do not take reservations, our clients are assured that they are going to get space any time during the working hours. The restaurant is open daily. We accept the following methods of payment: Master card, Visa Card, Discover, and Check. Should you have any question or need any clarification, do not hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated customer care service will be willing, and able to assist you.