Best Steak Knives for T-Bone Steak


Whether you are eating rib eyes, filet mignon or the juicy New York strips, a good steak knife to handle the delicacy is a requirement. To complement a fine cut beef, a balanced, sharp, attractive and comfortable steak knife is needed. A T-Bone steak can be completely destroyed when trying to saw and gnaw on it without a good steak knife. A good quality steak knife should be sharp, and balanced in a perfect way that ensures no slips when cutting steak.

Key Points Before Buying Steak Knifes

Best Steak Knives for T-Bone Steak
One of the factors to consider when selecting a steak knife is the type of blade. Steak knifes come in serrated blades or smooth/non serrated blades. With the two types, the most important thing is to ensure that the blade is sharp to cut through meat with ease. The other thing to consider when looking for a steak knife is the handle. The steak knife has to have a handle comfortable enough to the hand. A steak knife with a good handle material will be durable and firm on the hand. Steak knives also come with blades that are either stamped or forged. With stamped blades, they are thin and lose the cutting edge quickly. They are not durable due to frequent sharpening. The forged blades are made with dense metal and are more durable. This article provides a list of best steak knives for T-Bone Steak

Shun Premier Steak Knives

These steak knives are made from hammered technology. The core is made from super steel that allows for ease when cutting through steak. The blade is sharp and long thus makes it easy to cut through large chunks of steak. The finish has a hollow ground pattern that ensures that steak does not stick on the blade of the knife. The knife is stain resistant and rust resistant. It offers one of the best features in sharpness and durability.

Henckels Steak Knives

They provide different functionalities such as mincing, dicing and chopping. With a serrated blade, they offer a smooth and clean cut with precision. They are manufactured with high carbon content with deep serrations to help maintain sharpness for longer.

Best Steak Knives for T-Bone Steak

Wusthof Ikon Steak Knives

The blade is forged from a single piece of high carbon steel. They offer better grips and have been double bolstered to offer the right amount of weight when cutting through those tough steak chunks. They are easy to clean and use with a sleek design that eases steak cutting. These knives are sharper and maintain edge longer, have a contoured shaped that offers comfortable handling, the handle is triple riveted with stainless steel to offer maximum durability and safety. Although they are dishwasher safe, hands can also clean them.

Tramontina Porterhouse Steak Knives

These steak knives offer precision during cutting. The serrations are very sharp making it easy to cut through the thick steak. The blade is ultra heated to add maximum strength. The handle is ergonomic making the grip firm and comfortable. It is stain and rust resistant and does not require sharpening.


When chopping steak, the selection of the steak knife is important. A good steak knife offers cutting with precision and easy on the hand. With so many brands out there, it is necessary to go for the best steak knives for T-Bone Steak.

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