Welcome to Angelicas Kitchen- Wheatgrass Based Drinks

Welcome to Angelicas Kitchen- Wheatgrass Based Drinks

Welcome to Angelicas Kitchen

An increasing number of people are appreciating the importance of conscious eating. This is in response to the need of having holistic health. The choices that we make concerning food either build or destroy our health. In this light, eating healthy and clean food is a matter of paramount importance.

It is in this light that we welcome you to our restaurant – Angelicas restaurant. We further welcome you to come and try our cuisine. By choosing our services, you have made the right choice. We shall meet and in deed surpass your expectations. Overall, dining with us will be a memorable experience.Welcome to Angelicas Kitchen- Wheatgrass Based Drinks

About the Restaurant

Located in New York City, Angelica kitchen is one of the few food joints that serve organically grown foods. They have been operational since 1976. The kitchen is open daily from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm. The restaurant upholds environmental sustainability by ensuring that foods prepared in the kitchen are organically prepared. The restaurant offers different menu items such as salads, brunch, sandwiches, soups, entrees, bread varieties and a host of gluten free foods. Sitting is on a first come first serve basis and they do not offer reservations. Here you will be treated to a delicious meal of grilled and roasted vegetables, curried cashew spread, vegetable salads and anything that the heart desires.

We have invested in the latest equipment that has helped us serve you better. Moreover, we recognize that technology plays a very critical role in the hospitality industry. Our members of staff have made great steps in making sure that they prepare delicious, high quality and tasty meals.

For instance, we serve a glass of wheatgrass at Angelica’s kitchen. Wheatgrass is one of the best natural supplements out there. With anti aging properties and preventing cancer, wheatgrass is your natural companion. At Angelicas Kitchen your wheatgrass is served with different flavors for different people. Angelica’s kitchen is one of the best for vegetarians.

Welcome to Angelicas Kitchen- Wheatgrass Based Drinks

Our restaurant is located in an easily accessible area. This is of great help in making sure that our clients can access our premises any time they need to visit us. Moreover, we provide a relaxing atmosphere where one can relax and even have a discussion. Similarly, we recognize that clients are more comfortable when they are served with friendly staff; and our restaurant will not disappoint.

Lastly, we have had many years of exposure in the hospitality industry. In this regard, we are well informed about the various challenges facing the hospitality industry and how to overcome such challenges. In addition to that, our vast experience has enabled us to provide an optimal service to our clients. We are keen on improving our products and services in order to serve you better.

Bottom Lines

Eating the right food is one of the best decisions that one can make. In this light, we highly encourage you to try our cuisine. You are definitely going to like it. Most importantly, we encourage our clients to provide us with referrals. Overall, dining in our restaurant is one of the best dining experiences that you can have.

Deer Dinner at Angelicas Kitchen: Hunting With a Crossbow

Deer Dinner at Angelicas Kitchen: Hunting With a Crossbow


Hunting with a cross bow is a growing trend in the country. Despite the popularity, majority of people prefer hunting deers with traditional methods of firearms. Hunting deers with modern crossbows is fun and thrilling at the same time. The modern cross bows offer are accurate, fast and powerful. Crossbows are hunting instruments designed for short range distances. The maximum distances they can cover is 40 yards. To enjoy a wild deer dinner, deer hunting with a Crossbow should be done according to the following tips.Deer Dinner at Angelicas Kitchen: Hunting With a Crossbow

Purchase The Best

A good quality crossbow comes with a big price tag. However, with good quality comes reliability and accuracy. Cheap crossbows are often bound to failure when they are needed most. For top performance cross bows, it is advisable to avoid the cheap bargain crossbows.

Safety Check

Before handling crossbows, all safety procedures as specified by the manufacturer should be followed. A crossbow should never be carried when loaded and locked with an arrow. Fingers and thumbs should always be kept below the shooting rail. The crossbow should also be inspected for any loose parts. The retention spring and serving cables should be checked for signs of wear and tear.

Proper Cocking

An improperly cocked bow will always produced inaccurate shots. A proper cocking technique will eliminate most of the problems associated with inaccuracy shots. For consistent arrow flight to be maintained, the string should be positioned accurately. The serving on each side of the rail should be equal. Failure to do that means that the arrow will not have sufficient amount of energy when it is released thus missing the deer.

Deer Dinner at Angelicas Kitchen: Hunting With a Crossbow

Proper Arrow Selection

It is advisable to stick with the arrows specified by the manufacturer. Manufacturers consider shaft length, diameter, fletching specifications and mass and weight to assign arrows to different bows. Using the wrong arrow lowers performance and may contribute to the bow being damaged. It can also lead to personal injury to the shooter.

Select a Proper Broadhead

The success or failure of a hunting arrow entirely depends on the broad-head. Good broad-heads are designed with tough tolerances, optimal flight, and sharp blades. The optimal weight for a hunting head should be between 100-125 grains. This will guarantee accurate flight and hit the target with precision.

Regular Practice

Regular practice with the crossbow will improve the accuracy levels during actual deer hunting sessions. practice should be done with different arrow heads and broadheads to identify the most optimal during different situations and conditions. Practice should also be done in different postures such as sitting and standing. The hunter should also practice while on top of trees. This will equip the hunter with different skills to handle different field situations. During such practice, it is good to observe safety and security measures at all times. The bows and arrows should be regularly maintained to achieve sharpness, accuracy, effectiveness and stay in top condition. Maintenance practices include tuning, lubrication and adjusting.


Hunting wild deers is fun and entertaining. On top of that, the hunter gets to enjoy a delicious meal of game meat deliciously prepared at Angelica’s kitchen.

Visit Angelicas Kitchen: How We Use Our Wheatgrass?

Visit Angelicas Kitchen: How We Use Our Wheatgrass?


Visit Angelicas Kitchen: How We Use Our Wheatgrass?Wheat grass is obtained from the wheat plant. It is mostly grown indoors although it can still do well in the open field. At a certain stage during growth, the leaves split. This stage is referred as the “jointing stage”. This is the time when the wheat grass is loaded with nutrients. It is readily available in different forms such as juice, powder, capsules and even tablets. Wheatgrass is packed with vitamins, liver enzymes, amino acids and chlorophyll. Dr Charles Schnabel who documented the first uses of wheatgrass established that it prevents cancer, reverses ageing, cleanses blood and suppresses hunger. The following are the uses of wheat grass.

Treating Skin Diseases

Wheatgrass is renowned for treating skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. It also eliminates body odour. To achieve this, wheatgrass juice is poured inside a bath tab. The person then soaks inside the birth for at least 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes, the skin will be cleansed and refreshed.

Reducing Overeating

Wheatgrass is loaded with lots of nutrients. The body therefore does not lust for other foods to compensate for the vitamins and minerals. This helps way in avoiding eating of unhealthy snacks filled with sugars and fats. It also helps in cutting down weight. A glass of wheat grass juice on an empty stomach in the morning is enough to prevent eating all day.

Removing Toxins from Cells

A build up of toxins in blood and body cells can lead to illnesses. Due to the high alkaline content contained in wheatgrass, it is one of the most powerful remedy in detoxification. Research has established that one kilogram of wheatgrass has alkaline content equivalent to 45 kilograms of green leafy vegetables.

Improve Digestion

Wheatgrass is a healthier supplement of relieving heart burns and indigestion instead of using the synthetically produced antacids. Wheatgrass cleans the bowel from lodged mucus and compacted matter. It also reduces the risk of contracting stomach ulcers and irritable bowel conditions. Instead of buying over the counter drugs, a shot of wheatgrass will clear indigestion and add the body vitamins and amino acids.

Visit Angelicas Kitchen: How We Use Our Wheatgrass?

Prevention of Cancer

With high detoxifying properties, wheatgrass ensures that the blood remains clean and oxygenated. Wheatgrass also increases red blood cells. Cancer cells establish well in low oxygen blood thus making wheatgrass an important supplement in cancer prevention.

Chlorophyll Builder

Wheatgrass contains more than 70% chlorophyll, which is an important element in blood building. Chlorophyll increases the supply of oxygen in body tissues and cells leading to cell regeneration. Chlorophyll also contains a copper containing protein, which is mostly found in mature red cells. This component is important in slowing down the aging process. Cells nourished with sufficient oxygen ensure that the body remains active and fatigue free. Chlorophyll also stops the growth and development of harmful bacteria in the blood.


With millions of health supplements in the market today, wheatgrass stands out. Wheatgrass combines blood nourishment nutrients to anti-ageing properties. Cancer is a top killer in today’s world due to a combination of different factors. A diet of wheatgrass contains the right amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals to cushion the body against killer diseases such as cancer.