Best Work Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for a Comfy Day

Best Work Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for a Comfy Day


Best Work Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for a Comfy DayPlantar fasciitis is a foot condition that causes a lot of pain in the feet. This condition when too much strain is put on the feet. This can result due to being overweight or even standing all day. Failure to cure it in time gets worse and may even lead to other complications such as heel spur. Treatment for plantar fasciitis is mostly non-surgical. Patients are normally advised to stretch and immerse feet in ice to reduce inflammation. Footrest is also advisable to minimize the stress. The first step in staying away from this condition is wearing good work shoes.

This list (see full reviews at provides the best work shoes for plantar fasciitis for a comfy day.

Vionic Orthaheel Technology Walker

These shoes provide good arch support and provide overall pain relief during a working day. These shoes are fitted with a deep heel cup specifically designed to correct heel stride.

Brooks Addiction Walker

Plantar fasciitis sufferers have found this shoe very essential to their work schedule. They provide good arch support and provide a great feeling to the wearer. They are manufactured using leather thus providing a solid support. The sole is slip resistant making it a good shoe choice for people with heel pain and plantar fasciitis.

New Balance MW928 Walking Shoe

Designed with rollbar technology, this shoe offers maximum stability and motion control. People with a few extra pounds find this shoe particularly useful due to the leather upper part. It is a good shoe for people with workplaces that require much standing. It has a great cushioning that provides comfort and support from the heel to the toe. It has received recommendation from the podiatrists.

Asics GEL-Tech Walker Neo

This shoe provides one of the best heel cushioning due to the enhanced mid sole system. it is also designed with a heel clutching system provides a suitable environment for the heel with foot support and stability. Such features relieve foot pain. It is best suited for people with high arch and it is very durable.

Saucony Guide 6

Best Work Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for a Comfy DayFor people with Plantar Fasciitis, this series provides pain relief by reducing stress placed on the heel. With a mid sole made from grid technology and power foam, this shoe, absorbs impact and distributes pressure evenly throughout the foot. This great feature provides enhanced cushioning, reduction in weight and even distribution of pressure from heel to toe. This shoe is lightweight, provides almost maximum support and offers great stability.

Asics Gel Kayano 21

This shoe is regarded as one of the best for pronators and people with flat feet. It is inbuilt with maximum support systems. Firm foam is placed on the arch side and the midsole is well cushioned with soft material. This minimizes pressure on the heel and offers comfort while going through your workday.


Going through a workday for people with plantar fasciitis can be quite stressful. The pain on the heels can be too much reducing your efficiency and output. It is advisable to have a plan to support the feet. Curing plantar fasciitis will require plenty of rest which is not possible for a hardworking person. However, you can choose the best work shoes for plantar fasciitis for a comfy day.

How Angelicas Kitchen Combats Hard Water with Fleck 5600SXT

How Angelica’s Kitchen Combats Hard Water with Fleck 5600SXT?


How Angelicas Kitchen Combats Hard Water with Fleck 5600SXTAngelica’s kitchen is one of the oldest restaurants that serve organic, health-conscious food in New York City. The restaurant has been in operation since the year 1976. Unfortunately, they were almost forced to close at one time due to the rise in occupancy costs. However, the owner made a decision made to stay in business. She trusted that there were enough health-conscious people to keep her business in operation.

Directions and Reservations

The restaurant is located near Second Avenue at 300 East 12th Street. The restaurant does not do reservations. Customers are usually served on a first come, first serve basis. People are encouraged to bring their friends, for a taste of the fine food on offer.

Combating Hard Water

Angelica’s restaurant aims at being the healthiest restaurant in New York City. However, this is complicated by the fact there is almost no fresh water in the City. For one, most of the City’s water comes from underground sources. As a result, the water is usually contaminated with minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals and their compounds have a very detrimental effect on the human body. They usually cause the skin to dry up and the hair to be very weak.

Getting rid of hardness would not be practical for the water companies. This is because they are profit-making businesses and treating hardness on an industrial is not profitable. Water hardness can usually see on water faucets as a chalky white substance. One has to purchase products in order to get rid of this residue on plumbing fixtures. In addition, it usually causes kitchen utensils to fade in luster. There are a number of technologies available in the market to deal with water hardness.

One of the most used appliances is the Fleck 5600SXT a water softener that  some claim to be the best one size fits all option from Fleck for small and large homes. This is a good whole house water softener system. By softening all water used in the restaurant, it can extend their life by about 40%. In addition, any hot water based appliance will be able to run more efficiently. As a result, the restaurant is able to reduce its electrical bills significantly. The system works by removing the minerals that cause water hardness and flushing them down the drain. The system is very efficient and very quiet. In addition, it is programmable to ensure that the restaurant always has soft water available for its clients.

How Angelicas Kitchen Combats Hard Water with Fleck 5600SXT

Advantages of Fresh Water

There are many advantages to using fresh water. For one, the skin and hair are kept better moisturized. Generally, if one has healthy skin, it is an indication that their other internal organs are also doing great. The use of soft water also makes the food taste better. This is because it is easier to dissolve aromatics in soft water. Consequently, the organic foods natural flavors are more evenly spread out to ensure that food has a smoother taste.


Angelica’s restaurant is a great place that serves awesome food it is definitely worth visiting. It is especially great for those who love organic foods that are well prepared. Their use of soft water in preparing the meals is also quite commendable.

Best Steak Knives for T-Bone Steak

Best Steak Knives for T-Bone Steak


Whether you are eating rib eyes, filet mignon or the juicy New York strips, a good steak knife to handle the delicacy is a requirement. To complement a fine cut beef, a balanced, sharp, attractive and comfortable steak knife is needed. A T-Bone steak can be completely destroyed when trying to saw and gnaw on it without a good steak knife. A good quality steak knife should be sharp, and balanced in a perfect way that ensures no slips when cutting steak.

Key Points Before Buying Steak Knifes

Best Steak Knives for T-Bone Steak
One of the factors to consider when selecting a steak knife is the type of blade. Steak knifes come in serrated blades or smooth/non serrated blades. With the two types, the most important thing is to ensure that the blade is sharp to cut through meat with ease. The other thing to consider when looking for a steak knife is the handle. The steak knife has to have a handle comfortable enough to the hand. A steak knife with a good handle material will be durable and firm on the hand. Steak knives also come with blades that are either stamped or forged. With stamped blades, they are thin and lose the cutting edge quickly. They are not durable due to frequent sharpening. The forged blades are made with dense metal and are more durable. This article provides a list of best steak knives for T-Bone Steak

Shun Premier Steak Knives

These steak knives are made from hammered technology. The core is made from super steel that allows for ease when cutting through steak. The blade is sharp and long thus makes it easy to cut through large chunks of steak. The finish has a hollow ground pattern that ensures that steak does not stick on the blade of the knife. The knife is stain resistant and rust resistant. It offers one of the best features in sharpness and durability.

Henckels Steak Knives

They provide different functionalities such as mincing, dicing and chopping. With a serrated blade, they offer a smooth and clean cut with precision. They are manufactured with high carbon content with deep serrations to help maintain sharpness for longer.

Best Steak Knives for T-Bone Steak

Wusthof Ikon Steak Knives

The blade is forged from a single piece of high carbon steel. They offer better grips and have been double bolstered to offer the right amount of weight when cutting through those tough steak chunks. They are easy to clean and use with a sleek design that eases steak cutting. These knives are sharper and maintain edge longer, have a contoured shaped that offers comfortable handling, the handle is triple riveted with stainless steel to offer maximum durability and safety. Although they are dishwasher safe, hands can also clean them.

Tramontina Porterhouse Steak Knives

These steak knives offer precision during cutting. The serrations are very sharp making it easy to cut through the thick steak. The blade is ultra heated to add maximum strength. The handle is ergonomic making the grip firm and comfortable. It is stain and rust resistant and does not require sharpening.


When chopping steak, the selection of the steak knife is important. A good steak knife offers cutting with precision and easy on the hand. With so many brands out there, it is necessary to go for the best steak knives for T-Bone Steak.

Reduce The Risk of Cold With a Humidifier

Reduce The Risk of Cold With a Humidifier


Humidifiers can reduce the problems caused by dry air. In their operation, humidifiers emit steam or water vapor to increase humidity or moisture levels in the air. dry indoor air is associated with problems such as dry sinuses, cracked lips and bloody noses. On top of that, humidifiers also ease respiratory conditions or ease symptoms of a cold. A study conducted in 2013 indicated that increasing the indoor humidity levels by more than 43% reduced significantly the possibilities of airborne organisms to cause flu and colds. There are different humidifiers. These include central humidifiers, steam vaporizers, impeller humidifiers and evaporators. This article gives tips and benefits on how to reduce the risk of cold in your workplace with a humidifier.

Reduce The Risk of Cold With a Humidifier

Benefits of Using a Humidifier

– Risk of Infections Is Reduced

Bacteria and viruses find it hard to travel in moist air. the humidifier will therefore be a great companion in reducing the risk of a cold at your workplace.

– Healthier Indoor Plants

Research has shown that houseplants pull disease causing microorganisms and toxins from the air. Dry indoor air will damage indoor plants. This makes them droopy and wilty. With a humidifier, the indoor plants will grow much healthier which also adds to the health of the occupant.

– Faster Healing Himes

Dry air can lead to a dry and tight feeling nose lowering resistance to viruses. A humidifier will minimize the effects of cold and flu when a person get sick. With moist air, the nasal passages and throat will remain moist thus promoting faster healing. Keeping the nasal passages moist will also minimize sneezing and coughing. Read humidifier reviews over at and learn more about the various types available for you.

Tips for Using Humidifiers

– Safety

Humidifiers should be kept on flat immovable surfaces. They should also be kept out of reach of children and space maintained from the bed. To avoid the humidifier being tipped over, the power cord should be kept out of the way.

– Cleaning

The humidifier tank should be rinsed daily. The manufacturer’s instructions should be strictly followed during cleaning. This ensures that the humidifier remains mold-free and bacteria-free.

Reduce The Risk of Cold With a Humidifier

– Avoid Over Moisturizing

Too much moisture at your work place can be problematic. Condensation on windows or dampness in air is signs that there is excess moisture in the air. To determine the right amount of moisture needed in the air, a hygrometer should be used. The ideal moisture levels in the air should be 50%.

– Use Distilled Water

Normal tap water contains minerals that can build up in the humidifier promoting growth of bacteria. Distilled water has fewer minerals. Use of distilled water will minimize the frequency of cleaning the air humidifier.


In the workplace, a lot of bacteria and viruses can remain suspended in the air. These bacteria and viruses can cause flu and colds. Using a humidifier will ensure that the air around your work place remains moist thus minimizing the spread and growth of these organisms. Maintaining air humidity levels between 50% reduces the survival of these viruses in air or on surfaces. Therefore, to reduce the risk of cold in your workplace with a humidifier is an important step towards staying healthy.

Pressure Cooker for a Healthy Meal at Angelicas Kitchen

Pressure Cooker for a Healthy Meal at Angelicas Kitchen


Due to the busy work schedules, many people resort to eating ready meals prepared at fast food joints. Most of the foods prepared by these joints are not healthy. Some contain high amounts of saturated fats. Others contain high amounts of calories and salts thus contributing to high cholesterol levels and illnesses. Some people also buy processed foods from the grocery store with the belief that these foods are healthy as advertised by the manufacturers.

Most people go this route due to convenience and taste. All this convenience can be achieved by preparing a pressure cooker while maintaining a healthy diet. With a pressure cooker, the cooking time is reduced by almost 90%. The food has also greater digestibility while offering maximum nutrient retention.

Pressure Cooker for a Healthy Meal at Angelicas Kitchen

Health Benefits of Using a Pressure Cooker

– Superior Nutrient Retention

A pressure cooker reduces the time spent during cooking. This means that less heat sensitive nutrients will be lost. Research has shown that spinach and amarantha prepared through pressure cooking have a high retention of beta carotene and vitamin C. Research published in the Journal of Food Science indicates that broccoli prepared with pressure cookers retained almost 90 percent of vitamin C. Boiling retains only 66% while steaming retains 78%. In bananas, pressure cooking breaks down the banana cell walls thus more bio availability of nutrients.

– Significant Reduction In Health Harming Compounds

In pressure-cooking, foods stay moist since they are cooked through steam under pressure. The food is thus better tasting and succulent. With pressure-cooking, cancer causing compounds such as acryl amide are eliminated. These compounds are mostly produced through other methods that involve high heat.

– Promotes Digestibility

Boosting the digestibility of food is a key factor in determining uptake of nutrients in the body. Cooking meat can prove to be a problem through normal cooking methods. Since a pressure cooker combines steam and pressure, it becomes easy to break down the tough meats making them tender, easy to chew and easy to digest. Some legumes contain proteins that are hard to break down. Using a pressure cooker, it becomes easy to break down these proteins and easy to digest while eating. Read pressure cooker reviews and learn more about the various types of pressure cookers over at

Other Benefits of Using Pressure Cookers

– Saves Cooking Time

With pressure cookers, cooking time is reduced by more than 70%. This gives allows time to concentrate on other duties.

– Cooler Kitchens

Normal pans and pots produce heat that rise upwards. Although some of the heat is directed away through the chimney, some of it is retained which leads to build up. With a pressure cooker, the heat and steam is retained, does not escape and this means a cooler kitchen.

Pressure Cooker for a Healthy Meal at Angelicas Kitchen

– Less Cleaning Requirements

Cooking using stovetop pots leads to spills and residues normally builds up on stoves, floor and walls. Steam and oils that escape the cooking pots settle on surfaces. This build up of cooking residue calls for thorough cleaning after cooking is completed. With a pressure cooker that has a secured lid, these splutters and splashes are avoided and the only cleaning to be done is the single pot (up to date pressure cookers are analyzed based on their quality on


Cooking with a pressure saves us time and meals prepared are healthy. It also helps in saving costs associated with energy.

high pressure shower head

What Is The Best Shower Head for High Pressure?


high pressure shower head Fast flowing water coming out at high pressure combined with the best shower head make a great shower experience. Your bathroom may have the best state of the art facilities available. However, if water is low pressure and comes out as a trickle, then that great shower will remain elusive.

Issues of Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure in the house may be caused by low municipal water delivery, plumbing pipes may be congested or leaking, the shower head may be poor quality. In most instances, the shower head is the problem. Replacing the shower head will save a lot of costs and ultimately solve your pressure problems.

High-pressure Showerheads

A high-pressure showerhead delivers water at a higher pressure using the same amount of water. Spray settings can be adjusted or a unique design in the pressure chamber to achieve this. In the spray settings, the shower head spray is condensed to produced smaller but stronger sprays. To achieve high pressure, the pressure chamber adds air pressure and water to the shower producing spray jets at high pressure. With hundreds, if not thousands of showerheads in the market currently, many people always ask, what is the best showerhead for high pressure? The following review will help in choosing the right one

– Thunderhead High Pressure Rain Shower Head

With a simple installation, this shower head combines spray power with a unique pressure chamber. The results are sprays that relax and stimulate the body releasing fatigue and tiredness. What makes it different from other shower heads is the ease of cleaning thus reducing clogging. It is simple and serves the purpose.

– Speakman Icon Anystream High Pressure Shower Head

These high pressure showerheads are standard thus making it fit into many showers. It is simple and easy to install. The Speakman Icon Anystream high-pressure showerhead only bears the needed features thus not complications. It is also very light since it is made from lightweight plastic. With a self-cleaning nozzle, there will be no time wasted cleaning. This makes it ideal for people with a low budget and looking for simplicity.

– Delta High Pressure Showerhead with H2Okinetic Technology

Showerheads with H2Okinetic kinetic technology, add more thrill to the whole showering experience. Water is produced through a wave like effect making it feel like there is more water than the actual amount. This is achieved by adding more water to the air. it is friendly to the environment, small and elegant.

– Ancheer Series High Pressure Shower Head

Some people prefer using shower heads that are hand held instead of a fixed one. With a hand held showerhead, it can be used to direct the spray to specific parts of the body. This makes showering easier without having to scoop water with the hands. The Ancheer Series High Pressure Shower Head provides those features in additional to having a great shower.

– ZenFresh High Pressure Water Saving Ionic Handheld Showerhead

With water purification technology, this high-pressure shower head ensures that the water in your shower is clean and healthy. It is also environmental friendly and provides spa experience at the comfort of your shower.

What Is The Best Shower Head for High Pressure


Choosing a high-pressure shower head is the most important decision for those who want to enjoy great shower moments.

Angelica’s Kitchen Uses Kraus KPF-1602 Durable Faucet

Angelica’s Kitchen Uses Kraus KPF-1602 Durable Faucet

Angelica’s Kitchen Uses Kraus KPF-1602 Durable Faucet


Angelica’s kitchen is one of the oldest vegetarian-only organic restaurants in New York City. The restaurant started operating almost forty years ago and has never looked back since then. Although it has struggled to keep afloat at times, its royal customer base has played a huge role in it continued survival. The food served there is delicious and is definitely worth the cost for those in New York Street.

Use of the KPF 1602 Faucet

Angelica’s hotel prides itself in offering healthy foods for all its customers. However, this can be challenging to achieve, especially considering all the different dynamics one would have to take into account in order to make this a success. The main problem with traditional faucets is that they are lead based.

This can be a problem when water is left overnight in the faucet whereby it leaches into the water. As a result, the first batch of water will contain very high levels of lead. As a result, any dishes cleaned with this water will definitely have some lead in it. Nobody fully understands the effects of lead on the human body. However, there is a general agreement in three scientific community that lead is dangerous for the human body. Some of the documented negative effects of leads are in little children.

Studies all around the world have shown that children exposed to lead usually have lower IQ compared to other kids. This was one of the main reasons lead-based fuels have been banned worldwide. Until recently, all water faucets in the US were made using lead. The lead is known to seal cracks that exist in brass due to the poor chemistry that exists between copper and Zinc. Officially, the regulator states that modern day faucets be made out of less lead. However, even with lower amounts of lead, nobody knows what the true effect of even small amounts of lead could do to the human body. Generally, if something is dangerous in bigger quantities, then it is likely it is also harming the body even in small quantities.

Angelica’s Kitchen Uses Kraus KPF-1602 Durable Faucet

To get past this issue, Angelica’s restaurant decided to invest in the Kraus KPF-1602 Commercial Kitchen Faucet. This faucet is renowned for its strength and is high durability. Another advantage of this faucet is that it is completely lead-free (source: Advances in technology have made it possible to have alternatives to the use of lead in faucets. KRAUS industries have worked hard to ensure that their faucet contains zero amount of lead. It is quite encouraging that Angelica’s restaurant is so health conscious. This is definitely one of the best places to eat for health conscious residents of New York.


KRAUS is an industry –leader in developing innovative solutions for all the home’s plumbing needs. The fact that angelica’s restaurant already understand the risks of lead to the human body is quite awesome. The lead-free faucets undoubtedly cost a bit more than other types of faucets. However, the restaurant has seen it as a worthy sacrifice for its customers.