Deer Dinner at Angelicas Kitchen: Hunting With a Crossbow


Hunting with a cross bow is a growing trend in the country. Despite the popularity, majority of people prefer hunting deers with traditional methods of firearms. Hunting deers with modern crossbows is fun and thrilling at the same time. The modern cross bows offer are accurate, fast and powerful. Crossbows are hunting instruments designed for short range distances. The maximum distances they can cover is 40 yards. To enjoy a wild deer dinner, deer hunting with a Crossbow should be done according to the following tips.Deer Dinner at Angelicas Kitchen: Hunting With a Crossbow

Purchase The Best

A good quality crossbow comes with a big price tag. However, with good quality comes reliability and accuracy. Cheap crossbows are often bound to failure when they are needed most. For top performance cross bows, it is advisable to avoid the cheap bargain crossbows.

Safety Check

Before handling crossbows, all safety procedures as specified by the manufacturer should be followed. A crossbow should never be carried when loaded and locked with an arrow. Fingers and thumbs should always be kept below the shooting rail. The crossbow should also be inspected for any loose parts. The retention spring and serving cables should be checked for signs of wear and tear.

Proper Cocking

An improperly cocked bow will always produced inaccurate shots. A proper cocking technique will eliminate most of the problems associated with inaccuracy shots. For consistent arrow flight to be maintained, the string should be positioned accurately. The serving on each side of the rail should be equal. Failure to do that means that the arrow will not have sufficient amount of energy when it is released thus missing the deer.

Deer Dinner at Angelicas Kitchen: Hunting With a Crossbow

Proper Arrow Selection

It is advisable to stick with the arrows specified by the manufacturer. Manufacturers consider shaft length, diameter, fletching specifications and mass and weight to assign arrows to different bows. Using the wrong arrow lowers performance and may contribute to the bow being damaged. It can also lead to personal injury to the shooter.

Select a Proper Broadhead

The success or failure of a hunting arrow entirely depends on the broad-head. Good broad-heads are designed with tough tolerances, optimal flight, and sharp blades. The optimal weight for a hunting head should be between 100-125 grains. This will guarantee accurate flight and hit the target with precision.

Regular Practice

Regular practice with the crossbow will improve the accuracy levels during actual deer hunting sessions. practice should be done with different arrow heads and broadheads to identify the most optimal during different situations and conditions. Practice should also be done in different postures such as sitting and standing. The hunter should also practice while on top of trees. This will equip the hunter with different skills to handle different field situations. During such practice, it is good to observe safety and security measures at all times. The bows and arrows should be regularly maintained to achieve sharpness, accuracy, effectiveness and stay in top condition. Maintenance practices include tuning, lubrication and adjusting.


Hunting wild deers is fun and entertaining. On top of that, the hunter gets to enjoy a delicious meal of game meat deliciously prepared at Angelica’s kitchen.

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