Visit Angelicas Kitchen: How We Use Our Wheatgrass?


Visit Angelicas Kitchen: How We Use Our Wheatgrass?Wheat grass is obtained from the wheat plant. It is mostly grown indoors although it can still do well in the open field. At a certain stage during growth, the leaves split. This stage is referred as the “jointing stage”. This is the time when the wheat grass is loaded with nutrients. It is readily available in different forms such as juice, powder, capsules and even tablets. Wheatgrass is packed with vitamins, liver enzymes, amino acids and chlorophyll. Dr Charles Schnabel who documented the first uses of wheatgrass established that it prevents cancer, reverses ageing, cleanses blood and suppresses hunger. The following are the uses of wheat grass.

Treating Skin Diseases

Wheatgrass is renowned for treating skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. It also eliminates body odour. To achieve this, wheatgrass juice is poured inside a bath tab. The person then soaks inside the birth for at least 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes, the skin will be cleansed and refreshed.

Reducing Overeating

Wheatgrass is loaded with lots of nutrients. The body therefore does not lust for other foods to compensate for the vitamins and minerals. This helps way in avoiding eating of unhealthy snacks filled with sugars and fats. It also helps in cutting down weight. A glass of wheat grass juice on an empty stomach in the morning is enough to prevent eating all day.

Removing Toxins from Cells

A build up of toxins in blood and body cells can lead to illnesses. Due to the high alkaline content contained in wheatgrass, it is one of the most powerful remedy in detoxification. Research has established that one kilogram of wheatgrass has alkaline content equivalent to 45 kilograms of green leafy vegetables.

Improve Digestion

Wheatgrass is a healthier supplement of relieving heart burns and indigestion instead of using the synthetically produced antacids. Wheatgrass cleans the bowel from lodged mucus and compacted matter. It also reduces the risk of contracting stomach ulcers and irritable bowel conditions. Instead of buying over the counter drugs, a shot of wheatgrass will clear indigestion and add the body vitamins and amino acids.

Visit Angelicas Kitchen: How We Use Our Wheatgrass?

Prevention of Cancer

With high detoxifying properties, wheatgrass ensures that the blood remains clean and oxygenated. Wheatgrass also increases red blood cells. Cancer cells establish well in low oxygen blood thus making wheatgrass an important supplement in cancer prevention.

Chlorophyll Builder

Wheatgrass contains more than 70% chlorophyll, which is an important element in blood building. Chlorophyll increases the supply of oxygen in body tissues and cells leading to cell regeneration. Chlorophyll also contains a copper containing protein, which is mostly found in mature red cells. This component is important in slowing down the aging process. Cells nourished with sufficient oxygen ensure that the body remains active and fatigue free. Chlorophyll also stops the growth and development of harmful bacteria in the blood.


With millions of health supplements in the market today, wheatgrass stands out. Wheatgrass combines blood nourishment nutrients to anti-ageing properties. Cancer is a top killer in today’s world due to a combination of different factors. A diet of wheatgrass contains the right amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals to cushion the body against killer diseases such as cancer.

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